The New Vote

‘The New Vote’ (Het Nieuwe Kiezen) started in 2015 as a proposal for a modular voting system. Instead of giving your full vote to one party during the elections, you vote for each theme for the position of the party that suits you. You no longer vote on the person, but on the content. More freedom of choice must lead to more participation and involvement. The concept was nominated for an international design award (The Index Project).


What started as an initiative for a new political electoral system has now grown into a platform in which we develop new democratic tools that emphasize the similarities between people, rather than the differences. We would like to live in a world where politics contributes to solidarity, rather than division.

Current projects
-De Kieswijzer: voting tool used by 1.2 million people
-State of Extremes: interactive exhibition at Design Museum Holon in Israel 
-The ABC of politics: project to make politics more accessible to low literate people


The New Vote is initiated by Rudy van Belkom. Questions or comments as well as interview requests can be addressed to: info@hetnieuwekiezen.nl

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